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Statement from the Board – June 1, 2020

Statement from the Lyons Fire Protection District Board of Directors

June 1, 2020

This morning the Board held a special meeting to discuss the insensitive remark made by the Fire Chief on his personal Facebook page last week and to discuss this issue further with Chief Hoffman. Chief Hoffman made a mistake, but we believe he is sincere in his apology and that his comment was meant to display an intense frustration over the destruction of property, not the otherwise peaceful protests. We all must be more aware of our words and comments and their impact on others. The Board will issue a formal reprimand to Chief Hoffman and feels confident that no such similar conduct will arise in the future. We also will review our policies and make improvements to our processes and training. We remain confident in the Fire Chief and his abilities and believe he is an asset to the community that we all so dearly love.