Fire Inspection & Permit

Fire Inspections

Lyons Fire Protection district currently operates under the 1997 Uniform Fire Code and the 2006 Wildland Urban Interface Code. Building code requirements vary through the district depending on the local county or town jurisdiction. Because our district covers 3 government entities: Town of Lyons, Boulder County and Larimer County, there may be different code requirements pertaining to fire inspections.


Part of the inspection process for new construction for residents living outside of the town limits in rural areas of Boulder County are; residents are required to install at a minimum a 2400 gallon water cistern. This size of the cistern may increase depending on the total square footage of the structure.

Residents living in the rural areas of Larimer County may or may not be required by the building department to install a cistern. These requirements are based upon use, size and sometimes location. All cisterns are required to be inspected by the fire chief or a designee of the fire chief.

Fire inspections are based upon the 97 Uniform Fire Code. This code allows the fire chief to make inspections based on a possible life safety or fire hazard issue. Some examples of the types of inspections that the fire district will perform are: fire protection systems, hazardous material storage and handling, egress issues, excessive overload of materials in a structure, fire door assemblies, fire exits, places of assemblies, cooking hoods and assemblies, ingress and egress of roads, fire hydrants, festivals and fairs, and many more.

The district currently is in the process of doing incident pre planning on all businesses within the district. This is different from a fire inspection. A pre-plan is a way for us to gather important information from the owner of the business such as: emergency contact info and phone numbers, utility ownership, building lay out including doors, windows, hallways, and other valuable information in the event we respond to a emergency situation at the address.

All new construction home owners and business owners and encouraged to either purchase or read a copy of the 97 Uniform Fire Code before the project starts, so that they are aware of any requirements that may be necessary for them to follow.

The district also performs a variety of complimentary non- required inspections for business owners, such inspections could include: egress, smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, fire apparatus turn around areas and much more. Please contact us with any questions regarding fire inspections!

Burn Permits

Counties have strict regulations about when and how to conduct controlled burning. Regulations regarding what can be burned vary by season and county.


Boulder County:

Contact the Boulder County Public Health (BCPH) Air Quality Program to obtain a permit. Burns will not be allowed on red flag days. The following agencies must be notified for burning of a ditch, field, or slash:

1. Boulder County Public Health on the day of the burn (or on the following working day if the burn falls on the weekend).

2. Boulder County Sheriff Communications at (303) 441-4444, on the day of the burn (before and after the burn).

3. Your local fire department at least three days prior to burn.


Larimer County:

Most outdoor burning in Larimer County requires a permit signed by both your local fire department and the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment. The fire department evaluates applications for potential fire safety issues, while the health department evaluates air quality issues that can impact human health. Open burning without a permit is illegal and can result in fines of up to $10,000 per day. The application process and safety guidelines are posted on the Larimer County website listed at the end of this section, or you may call 970-498-6775 for more information.