Emergency Information

Emergency preparedness

The Lyons Fire Protection District encourages all of it residents to be informed and be ready when a disaster strikes. Useful tips will be covered in this section as well as links to inform and educate residents on Emergency Preparedness.


It is highly recommended that residents visit Boulder Office of Emergency Management at the following link: www.boulderoem.com
Residents are encouraged to stop by the fire house or Lyons town hall to pick up an emergency preparedness guide. This guide is also a useful tool to prepare. Due to the location of Lyons, we are very susceptible to natural and man-made disasters, some of these possible threats include; wildfire, flooding, winter storms, hail, hazardous materials spill or release, high wind events, lightning storms and many other possible threats.


LFDP recommends that residents buy a NOAA weather radio for all hazards. This useful tool will help residents with early warnings when a threat is Imminent.


Following are a list of notifications you can receive from the weather radio:

Winter Storm – Watch Winter weather may affect your area.

Winter Storm Warning – Severe winter weather conditions are imminent.

Blizzard Warning – Large amounts of falling or blowing snow, with winds of at least 35 miles per hour; these conditions are expected to last several hours.

Flash Flood Watch – Issued when a heavy rain may develop and result in flash flooding. Be aware of your surroundings.

Flash Flood Warning – Flash flooding in the warning area has developed or is imminent. Move to high ground immediately!

Urban and Small

Flood Advisory – Localized flooding of small streams, intersections and low lying areas. Avoid driving through standing water.

Tornado Watch – Weather conditions are favorable for tornadoes to develop.

Tornado Warning – A tornado has been spotted or is indicated on Doppler radar. This is usually issued for a shorter time period. Take cover right away!

Severe Thunderstorm

Watch – Weather conditions are favorable for thunderstorms to develop, with wind gusts of at least 58 miles per hour, and/or to produce ¾” sized hail.

Warning – Radar or a trained weather spotter has detected a severe thunderstorm.

High Wind Watch – Weather conditions are favorable to produce high winds.

High Wind Warning – Sustained winds of 40 miles per hour or greater for at least 2 hours, or gusts of at least 58 m.p.h.

Fire Watch – Conditions are favorable for red flag conditions for the next 12 to 48 hours.

Red Flag Warning – Fire danger is very high or extreme, and may include conditions such as sustained winds of at least20 miles per hour, relative humidity of less than 20%, and thunderstorm activity after a prolonged dry period, and abrupt changes in wind speed and direction.



Emergency Notifications

Residents are encouraged to sign up for emergency Notifications. Because the Lyons Fire Protection District is set in both Boulder and Larimer counties, citizens should follow the appropriate link to the county they live in. Residents may sing onto the Everbridge system through the Boulder Office of Emergency Management web page. Information regarding this system is listed below.


In the event of a major wildfire, weather event, fire, Hazardous Materials spill / incident, terrorist attack, flood event, or other emergencies, residents may be notified by this Everbridge system which is similar to a reverse 911 call. Resident will hear a message telling them what the event is and what actions they should do next.


You are encouraged to update this system in the event you change any of your personal information such as a new phone number or e-mail address.

Public safety agencies throughout Boulder County are switching to a new emergency notification system. This system will allow residents of the county and all cities within the county to be notified of an emergency situation in a variety of ways, including on their cell phone, home and work phones and by text messaging and email.
You wil receive time-sensitive messages wherever you specify, such as your home, cell or business phone, email, text messages, hearing impaired receiving devices and more. You pick where, you pick how.

Residents living in the Larimer County portion of the Lyons Fire Protection District are reminded when they call 911 or sign up for any of these notifications to let the dispatch center know they live in the Lyons Fire Protection District!

Links for Emergency Notifications can be found at the following:




Flash Flood Information

Lyons sits in a very large drainage basin known as the St. Vrain Creek. At different times of the year, there is a great potential for flood events. The Lyons Fire Protection District works very closely with officials from the Boulder County Office of Emergency Management, (OEM) Boulder County Sheriff’s Department, the Town of Lyons and the City of Longmont; to monitor the stream levels throughout our District during heavy rainfalls, high runoff times as well as monitoring isolated storms in our area.


The information below was gathered from the OEM website which is available to the public. It is highly recommended that you look at the information on this site as well as download an Emergency Preparedness Guide. These guides are also available at the fire station located at 251 Broadway, as well as at the Lyons Town Hall. More information regarding flooding can be obtained at the links listed at the bottom of this page. Being unaware of flood conditions can lead to serious injury of death.



Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Lyons Fire Protection District serves a variety of roles in the Emergency Medical Service. Approximately 70% of our calls are of a medical nature. These calls can range from a simple small cut on a finger, then leading up to the more serious calls such as a heart attack or stroke victim. Because our district has two major highways leading to Rock Mountain National Park, we also have a large amount of visitors traveling through and sometimes unfortunately; these people end up in an auto mobile accident resulting in some type of EMS need.


Our firefighters also respond to a variety of rescue type calls requiring different levels of EMS training, some examples of these calls include: water rescue, injured parties in the back country, snake bites, altitude sickness, allergic reactions and everything in between!


Our firefighters are trained in basic life support (BLS) operations. We have different skill sets throughout our ranks starting with BLS- C.P.R, Emergency Medical Responder and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). All of our responders attend a monthly medical training that consists of a minimum of 3 hours. All EMT’s are required to complete 72 hours on continuous training every 2 years for the National Registry. All new members are required at a minimum to obtain a -BLS CPR and AED certification.


We currently have 2 BLS ambulances one which is stationed at Station 1 in downtown Lyons, and the other which is at station 2.
Both ambulances are 4 wheel drive and have a variety EMS tools on board which include: on board suction units, on board O2, multiple trauma supplies, Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

All EMS calls that we run in the district are backed up by an Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulance. These ambulances usually have one Paramedic and one advanced EMT. These folks are crucial on a vast majority of our calls. The ALS services include such things as advanced air way management, heart monitors, narcotics for pain, and rapid transport capabilities.


Because EMS calls are a large portion of our call base, Lyons Fire Protection District strives to stay on top of the most current polices, procedures and supplies that may be required when responding to a emergency in our district. We also work hard to make sure our firefighters have the best training, skills and personal protective equipment that can be provided!