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For Immediate Release

Lyons Fire Protection District Receives Improved Rating from ISO

Effective December 1, 2016, the service area for the Lyons Fire Protection District has received a Public Protection Classification of 3/10 from the ISO. This is a significant improvement over our previous ratings. The classification of 3 applies to the entire Town of Lyons and all properties in the fire district that are within 5 road miles of one of the two fire stations. The classification of 10 applies to all properties in the fire district that are more than 5 road miles of a fire station. Please note the address of the new Fire Station #2 is 1250 County Road 37E.

Homeowners are to contact your insurance company to find out if this new rating change might decrease your insurance premium, although not all insurance companies use the ISO Public Protection Classification directly in their pricing structure.

ISO evaluated the Lyons FPD during 2016 and assessed our structural firefighting capabilities, including response time, water supply, firefighting equipment, training and communication. The PPC rating of 3 was only achieved by 11% of departments nationwide and 27% of departments in Colorado. This improvement is a direct result of a lot of hard work on the part of Chief Hoffman and your volunteer firefighters and is also a reflection of the investment the community has made in modernizing and maintaining our equipment and fire stations.

Maureen Davidovich
Vice President