About LFPD

Lyons Fire is staffed by an all-volunteer force with a full time Fire Chief. Lyons Fire responds to a range of emergency incidents including: structural fire, technical rescue, search and rescue, emergency medical services, hazardous materials, natural disaster response, and wildland fires. The District has two stations where volunteers report to staff applicable apparatus for emergency response.

The primary station (Station 1) is located in the town of Lyons, and Station 2 is located near the Blue Mountain area of Larimer County. The district responds to and is aided by other nearby agencies for incidents beyond the equipment and personnel capabilities of a single district. Mutual Aid Agreements are in place, primarily for structural fires not served by fire hydrant systems, expanded wildland fire, technical rescue, and advanced life support medical services.

Lyons Fire’s district is 76 square miles and they run an average of 200-300 calls per year.